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University of Michigan: 2024 High Potential Scholarship

In 2024, the University of Michigan will be providing the High Potential Scholarship, which grants 150 partial scholarships worth $35,000 each to non-US students who are pursuing Undergraduate, Master’s, or PhD programs. This scholarship covers a reduction in tuition fees, a monthly allowance, free housing, $25,000 for living expenses, $700 for health insurance, and $210… Read More »

Advantages of Winning a Scholarship

Scholarship: You’ve worked hard in school, volunteered in the community, and been involved in extracurriculars. Now it’s time to apply for college scholarships. Winning free money for your education could be life changing. With less financial stress, you can focus on learning instead of working long hours. Scoring a scholarship helps in other ways too.… Read More »

Post-Secondary College Scholarship

College Scholarship: So you’re a high school senior and thinking about what comes next. College is a big step filled with new experiences, independence, and opportunity. But let’s get real – the giant price tag can be seriously intimidating. Scoring scholarships is key for making higher education financially possible. The good news is, there are… Read More »

VWEA SCHOLARSHIPS 2024: How to Apply

VWEA Scholarships: You’re a senior in high school or college, wondering how to pay for the next step in your education journey. Good news: the VWEA 2024 scholarships are now open for applications! These competitive awards offer funding for students passionate about making a difference through volunteerism, activism, and social change. In this step-by-step guide,… Read More »