2024 Freshman Scholarship Programs

By | March 15, 2024

Freshman Scholarship Programs: As you look ahead to college, scholarships can be a huge help in covering costs. But where do you even start searching? With hundreds of scholarship programs for 2024 high school graduates, it’s tricky to identify ones you actually qualify for and stand a good chance of getting. Don’t stress! We’ve dug into the details on the latest and greatest scholarship opportunities for incoming college freshmen.

Whether you’re an aspiring engineer, poet, activist or entrepreneur, we’ll highlight 20 scholarship programs you can apply for right now as a 2024 high school senior. We’ll summarize eligibility requirements, award amounts, deadlines and more so you can zero in on promising scholarships for your background and interests. Let’s uncover some ways to make college more affordable!

Overview of 2024 Freshman Scholarship Programs

2024 high school freshmen have a wealth of scholarship opportunities before them, allowing access to higher education that may have felt out of reach. As you look ahead to college, familiarize yourself with these beneficial programs:

  • National Merit Scholarship Program – Students take the PSAT/NMSQT exam as high school juniors and can qualify as National Merit Finalists for renewable scholarships from various colleges and universities.
  • College and university scholarships – Many schools offer generous academic scholarships and grants for incoming freshmen based on GPA, test scores, essays, interviews and overall applications. Research options thoroughly.
  • Private foundation and community scholarships – Smaller regional, state and local scholarships help cover expenses and encourage community-minded students. Less competition can increase chances.
  • Athletics, arts, ROTC programs – Utilize other talents through sports teams recruiting scholars, theater/music auditions, or ROTC leadership training. Full or partial scholarships may be offered.
  • Need-based federal and state aid – For qualifying lower-income students, options like the FAFSA form and state grants help significantly reduce costs. Don’t assume college is unaffordable.

Cast a wide net across all these scholarship sources, aiming for depth and breadth in your search. A patchwork of smaller awards can add up to make college surprisingly affordable. Remember that grades and scores aren’t everything – highlight your passions, service activities and unique story to set yourself apart.

With some effort and perseverance, 2024 freshmen can uncover plenty of funding for their college journeys ahead. Believe in your worthiness to receive aid and put yourself out there.

2024 Freshman Scholarship Programs


Top 10 Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen in 2024

Making college affordable starts with securing scholarships and grants. When applying for freshman year in 2024, keep these top 10 scholarship opportunities on your radar:

  1. The Coca-Cola Scholars Program – With 250 awards worth $20,000 each, this is one of the largest and most prestigious programs available. Applicants are evaluated on leadership, community service, academics and more.
  2. Burger King Scholars Program – If you work part-time at a BK or parent/grandparent does, apply for one of 2,000 grants worth up to $50,000.
  3. Elks National Foundation Scholarships – The ENF offers legacy awards up to $50,000 for children and grandchildren of Elk members. Other programs available too.
  4. AXA Achievement Scholarship – This unique program provides over $2 million to young people demonstrating ambition and self-drive, regardless of academics and financial need.
  5. Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship – For students who will be first in family to earn bachelor’s degree. Awards $5,000.
  6. Niche No Essay Scholarship – Simply fill out basic info for a chance at this $2,000 award. No GPA or demographic requirements.
  7. Fastweb Scholarship Search – Create a profile and get matched to scholarships you qualify for from Fastweb’s database of over 1.5 million awards.
  8. Scholarships – This site provides niche scholarships by identity, field of study and more. Awards typically range from $500 – $2,500.
  9. Unigo Scholarships – Browse for scholarships by month/deadline. Find awards ranging from $100 to full tuition costs.
  10. Scholly Scholarship App – Get matched to scholarships on this free app. Sync with college lists and application deadlines. Very user friendly.

With some scholarship “legwork” and smart searching, securing funding for your freshman year is totally doable. Stay organized, apply broadly and highlight what makes you unique. You’ve got this!

How to Find and Apply for Freshman Scholarships

There are many scholarship opportunities specifically for high school seniors who will be starting college in the fall of 2024. Finding and applying for these freshman scholarships takes some time and effort, but it can really pay off.

  • Start your search early, in the spring of your junior year or summer before senior year. This gives you plenty of time to find scholarships you qualify for and put together strong applications.
  • Look for national, state, regional, and local scholarships. Sites like Fastweb,, and Niche make it easy to find opportunities. Check foundations, community organizations, your high school guidance counselor, and colleges you’re interested in attending.
  • Pay attention to eligibility requirements regarding GPA, test scores, majors, demographics, talents, etc. Only apply for scholarships you’re actually eligible for.
  • Obtain recommendation letters from teachers, counselors, employers and prepare a resume highlighting achievements like academics, sports, clubs, work experience and volunteering.
  • Write essays that showcase your personality, goals, leadership skills and life experiences. Follow all instructions carefully regarding word counts, topics and deadlines.
  • Submit organized, complete applications by the designated due dates. Sloppiness can eliminate your chances. Apply to many scholarships—the more you apply to, the better your odds.

Securing freshman scholarships takes effort but pays dividends. Starting early and casting a wide net gives you the best shot at earning funding to help cover college costs. Stay focused through the process and don’t get discouraged.

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So there you have it, the inside scoop on some of the top 2024 freshman scholarships to keep on your radar over the next year. As you prep those applications and polish those essays, remember – free money is awesome! But these competitive programs also want to see your spark. So while you strategize which ones to apply for, don’t forget to let your inner light shine through too. The right fit will come with time. For now, believe in yourself and your dreams – the rest will follow. And who knows, maybe you’ll look back as a sophomore and smile about that sweet scholarship that made freshman year a little brighter!

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