Top Jobs For Teens in 2024

By | April 1, 2024

Jobs for Teens: So you’re a teen looking to get your first job. You want to earn some cash while gaining valuable work experience, but you aren’t sure what jobs will be hot in 2024. Don’t stress! We’ve outlined the top jobs for teens projected to be in demand over the next few years. Whether you’re interested in working with tech, being creative, or helping people, there are options for you.

We’ve done the research to highlight the gigs that are flexible for students, offer room for growth, and provide transferable skills. These jobs could lead to a lucrative career, even if you just want to work part-time while in school. So read on for the inside scoop on the top teen jobs that will set you up for the future.

Jobs for Teens

Top 10 Jobs for Teens in 2024

The job market is changing rapidly. By 2024, many new opportunities will open up for teens looking to earn some cash or get valuable career experience. Here are 10 top jobs expected to be hot for teens:


1. Social Media Assistant / Influencer

  • Help companies or influencers manage social media accounts, create content, interact with followers
  • Great way to build social media, marketing and communication skills
  • Typically work remote with flexible schedules

2. App Developer

  • Design, code and test mobile apps for phones and tablets
  • Use programming languages like Swift (Apple) or Java (Android)
  • Technical aptitude and some coding experience required

3. Sustainability Specialist

  • Help organizations reduce environmental impact
  • Tasks may include data analysis, content creation, project coordination
  • Role will grow hugely as climate change concerns mount

4. Contact Tracer

  • Track down people exposed to illnesses and provide health guidance
  • Excellent social, communication and interviewing abilities needed
  • May work remotely or on location

5. Virtual Reality Designer

  • Create 3D simulated environments and experiences for VR platforms
  • Use 3D animation and coding tools
  • Artistic talent and some tech skills required

6. Influencer Marketing Associate

  • Help connect brands with influencers for sponsorship deals
  • Identify and vet potential influencers based on audience, engagement
  • Requires understanding of influencer platforms and metrics

7. Online English Teacher

  • Teach English to students in other countries via video chat
  • Lesson planning abilities and enthusiasm are must-haves
  • Typically work from home on own schedule

8. Mental Health Coach

  • Provide support for those dealing with issues like anxiety or depression
  • Strong listening and communication skills are vital
  • Training programs available to develop coaching skills

9. Contactless Delivery Driver

  • Deliver food, packages and groceries without direct customer contact
  • Need reliable transportation and ability to follow safety protocols
  • Flexible gig with demand expected to continue rising

10. Virtual Reality Arcade Attendant

  • Help customers at VR entertainment venues get set up with gear
  • Guide users on gameplay and monitor for safety
  • Outgoing with aptitude for new tech is ideal

The future belongs to digitally-savvy, adaptable teens open to emerging fields. These jobs represent some of the most promising and future-proof opportunities on the horizon. Consider skilling up in one of these in-demand areas!

Benefits of Jobs for Teens

Taking on a part-time job as a teenager can provide many helpful benefits as you prepare for adulthood. Here are some of the top reasons to consider working while you’re still in high school:

  • Earn your own money. One of the best perks of having a job is that you’ll have your own income to save or spend as you choose. This gives you valuable financial management experience.
  • Explore career interests. Jobs allow you to test different fields to see what you may or may not want to pursue later on. Working in food service could inspire you to one day open your own restaurant.
  • Gain real-world skills. Work experience looks great on college applications and resumes. More importantly, you’ll develop soft skills like responsibility, time management, communication, and problem-solving that colleges and future employers seek.
  • Make connections. The contacts you gain can be helpful down the road. Fellow employees, managers, or even customers could offer career advice or serve as references.
  • Build your resume. Work achievements, increased knowledge in a field, and specialized skills are all resume boosters. This can help open more options when applying for jobs after graduation.
  • Enjoy extra perks. Some teen-friendly companies offer employee discounts, flexible scheduling around school/activities, tuition assistance programs, and opportunities to advance to higher-level roles over time.

Having a job as a teen has many advantages beyond just earning a paycheck. It can help you uncover your passions in life, obtain the tools needed to pursue them, and start mapping out your career path for the future.



What are some popular jobs for teens in 2024?

Some of the most popular jobs for teens in 2024 will be in the service industry, like working in restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, or even summer camps as counselors. Tech jobs, like web design, coding, and app development, will also be popular since these skills are in high demand.

How much money can I make working a teen job?

Pay for teen jobs varies, but you can expect to make minimum wage of around $15 per hour for entry-level positions. If you take on more responsibility or work in a field that requires specialized skills, like computer programming, you may earn a higher hourly rate of $20-25 per hour or more. Bonuses and performance-based pay can also increase earning potential.

Do I need experience to get a job as a teen?

Many jobs for teens are entry-level, so you don’t necessarily need previous work experience. However, any experience or skills you do have, even from volunteering, will make your resume stronger. Jobs like lifeguarding, camp counselor, or pet care may require certification. Having your driver’s license will also open up more opportunities.

How many hours can I work as a teen?

Most teens work limited part-time hours, around 10-15 hours per week during the school year and up to 40 hours during summer break. Hour restrictions differ by state, so check your local labor laws. If you have a job that interferes with your school work or extracurriculars, consider cutting back on hours. Maintaining a life balance is key.

How can I find jobs hiring teens?

The best places to look for available teen jobs are company websites, job search boards, and community bulletin boards. Many teens also find summer jobs at the same places they work during the school year. Asking family, friends, teachers, or coaches is another great way to find leads.


So there you have it, future teens – some of the hottest jobs we think you could land in 2024. From social media managing to drone piloting to AI training, there are definitely some cool gig opportunities coming down the pike. Just make sure to do your homework on the education or skills needed for any career you’re interested in. And pro tip: get comfortable with technology, learn to code, study another language. That will give you a major leg up. But most importantly, choose something you actually think would be fun! No point spending hours a day on something you hate. This is your time to explore, get creative and maybe even change the world a little. The future is yours!

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