7 Best Scholarships For International Students 2024

By | March 27, 2024

Scholarships For International Students: With college tuition skyrocketing every year, scholarships are essential for helping you fund that degree. But sorting through the options can feel totally overwhelming, especially when studying abroad. How do you narrow your search and find scholarships that fit your situation?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss seven of the best scholarships tailored specifically for international students in 2024. Whether you’re looking to study in the US, UK, Canada, or elsewhere, these scholarships can help make your academic dreams a reality without drowning in debt. We’ll break down eligibility, award amounts, and deadlines so you can focus on your applications instead of worrying about how to pay for school.

Best Scholarships For International Students


Overview of Scholarships for International Students in 2024

There’s a wide range of scholarships available to international students each year. With a bit of research and effort, you can uncover opportunities to help fund your education abroad in 2024.

Financial aid and scholarship programs for international students typically aim to cover all or some expenses like:

  • tuition fees
  • on-campus housing
  • textbooks
  • meal plans

Check with your target university’s international student office to uncover school-specific aid opportunities too. Local government bodies, private foundations and industry organizations also offer scholarships to attract global talent in certain fields. Leverage all potential sources in your scholarship search for 2024.


7 of the Best Scholarships For International Students 2024

There are a number of wonderful scholarship opportunities available to international students in 2024. Here are seven of the best scholarships for international students to consider applying for:

1. Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship provides funding to students looking to pursue graduate studies or research in the United States. It covers tuition, living expenses, travel, and health insurance. Applicants need to demonstrate excellent academic achievement and leadership skills.

2. Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship offers full funding to pursue graduate studies at the University of Cambridge. It aims to support outstanding intellectual ability and leadership capacity. Applicants should be committed to improving the lives of others.

3. Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

The Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program funds graduate study at Stanford University. It provides full tuition and living expenses. Applicants must show leadership ability, a commitment to advancing human welfare, creativity, and resilience.

4. Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship covers all expenses for international students to pursue postgraduate studies at Oxford University. Applicants must demonstrate outstanding intellect, character, leadership, and commitment to service.

5. Schwarzman Scholarship

The Schwarzman Scholarship provides funding for a one-year master’s degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Applicants should display leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and interest in bridging China and the global community.

6. Eiffel Excellence Scholarship Programme

The Eiffel Scholarship allows international students to pursue a master’s degree or PhD research in France. Majors supported include engineering, economics and management, architecture, law and more.

7. Masaryk Scholarship

The Masaryk Scholarship offers bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs in Czech language and English language programs at public universities in the Czech Republic. Fields of study include social sciences, medicine and life sciences.

Pursuing international education opens up a wealth of opportunities. With dedication and perseverance, an ambitious student has a good chance of earning funding support. Cast the net broadly and highlight your most compelling skills, achievements and goals in your applications. Leveraging any of these scholarship programs can enable you to access top learning institutions and expand your global perspectives.

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  • What does it mean to be an international student?

An international student is someone who is enrolled in a college or university in a country other than where they were born or raised. International students travel to other countries to pursue higher education, often at great expense and sacrifice.

  • How can I find scholarships as an international student?

There are some great scholarship resources specifically geared towards international students. Check your school’s international student office, use online databases like FastWeb and International Scholarships, and visit sites like EducationUSA to search for financial aid opportunities open to students from other countries.

  • Do I need to know the local language to apply for scholarships in another country?

Not necessarily. Some scholarships for international students are offered by US colleges and universities where English fluency is sufficient. Others may require proficiency in the country’s native language as part of the criteria. Be sure to carefully review all requirements if language skills are expected.

  • Can I apply for US federal financial aid if I am an international student?

Unfortunately international students do not qualify for most US federal student aid programs. Only US citizens, permanent residents, and eligible non-citizens can apply for things like Pell Grants and direct subsidized loans. International students should instead focus their search on private funding sources.

  • What types of expenses do these scholarships for international students cover?

Scholarships vary widely in their coverage. Some are broad and help pay for overall tuition, room and board, books, fees, etc while attending school in the US. Others are more specific, like covering travel costs, insurance expenses, or funding research projects and academic materials in certain subject areas. Be sure to read all details of any award.

  • Can I use a scholarship I win in my home country towards study in the US?

It depends on the particular scholarship and its allowed usage. Some domestic scholarships can be applied internationally but most cannot. Check if your award has any restrictions on what school or country the funds can be used for. Trying contacting the scholarship administrator to ask about the portability of funds across borders.


So there you have it, seven of the best scholarships for international students in 2024. If you’re looking for financial support to study abroad, these are great options to check out. Just remember that competition is fierce for some, so make sure you put together a stellar application. And don’t forget about other potential funding sources too, like grants or part-time work opportunities. The key is to get researching and applying early. Planning ahead is crucial. With a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, hopefully one of these scholarships can help make your study abroad dreams a reality next year.

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