Top Medical Jobs to Consider in 2024

By | March 24, 2024

Top Medical Jobs to Consider: You’re thinking about a career in healthcare but unsure which medical job is right for you. With so many options, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which roles are most promising over the next few years. The healthcare field is booming and expected to see tremendous growth into 2024 and beyond.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the top medical jobs you should consider that are projected to be in high demand. Whether you prefer hands-on patient care, conducting lifesaving research, or working behind the scenes, there will likely be a perfect medical career match for you among this list of up-and-coming roles. Read on to learn more about the most promising medical jobs to prepare for if you want job security and ample career opportunities in the future.

Top Medical Jobs to Consider


The Healthcare Job Market in 2024

  • The healthcare industry is projected to continue adding jobs in 2024 and beyond. As the population ages and medical advances improve care, the demand for healthcare services is rising.
  • Jobs in the healthcare sector are projected to grow 16% from 2020 to 2030, much faster than the average across all industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This translates to about 2.6 million new healthcare jobs during the decade.
  • In 2024 specifically, some of the fastest growing medical jobs are projected to be:
    • Nurse practitioners (+45%)
    • Home health aides (+34%)
    • Physical therapy assistants (+31%)
    • Occupational therapy assistants (+29%)
    • Speech language pathologists (+25%)
  • Other medical support roles like medical assistants, medical secretaries, pharmacy technicians, and medical billing coders are all projected to see double-digit growth as well.
  • The aging baby boomer generation over 65 will drive demand for everyday healthcare services as seniors live longer with more chronic conditions.
  • Increasing rates of obesity and diabetes diagnoses also play a role in the growing need for medical treatment and preventative care.
  • Advances in technology leading to new treatment options in fields like gene therapy and telemedicine will also drive more jobs.
  • Rural and underserved communities are expected to offer strong prospects for many medical professionals. Loan forgiveness programs provide incentives.
  • Considering expected growth rates for medical jobs, 2024 presents a robust job market for those either starting or advancing a healthcare career. Identifying skills gaps and pursuing relevant training will be key.

The future looks bright for healthcare jobs in 2024 and beyond. With sound training and an interest in helping people, there will be open doors across allied health professions.

Highest Paying Medical Jobs

When considering top medical jobs, the highest paying options often require extensive education and training. However, the compensation and career satisfaction can make the journey worthwhile.

1. Physician

As one of the most lucrative and rewarding medical careers, physicians diagnose illness, prescribe medication, and perform surgeries. After medical school, a residency program focuses training on a specialty like surgery, family medicine, or pediatrics. With experience, physicians can earn $200,000 per year or more.


2. Dentist

From routine cleanings to root canals and braces, dentists ensure patients have healthy teeth and gums. Becoming a dentist involves an undergraduate degree plus four years of dental school and exams for licensure. Many run their own practices. Pay averages around $175,000 annually.

3. Pharmacist

Pharmacists fill prescriptions for patients while monitoring dosages and watching for interactions with other medications. The job requires a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (PharmD) and passing pharmacy board exams. Pharmacists earn approximately $120,000 per year on average.

4. Optometrist

Optometrists provide vision care ranging from eye exams to prescribing glasses and contact lenses. After an undergraduate degree, optometrists complete four years of optometry school and licensure exams. They often operate private practices which bring pay up to $115,000 annually.

5. Nurse Practitioner

Registered nurses can become nurse practitioners (NPs) with a Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and certification in a specialty like family medicine. NPs diagnose health issues, treat patients, and prescribe medication, earning around $115,000 per year.

With extensive education and training, medical professionals can access rewarding and lucrative careers while making a difference in patients’ lives. When exploring options, evaluate programs carefully for time commitments, costs, and job outlooks.

How to Prepare for a Medical Career in 2024

Getting started in the medical field today will open up job opportunities in 2024 and beyond. With an aging population and advances in technology, the healthcare industry is poised for enormous growth. Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, technician, or administrator, certain steps will help prepare you for success.

  • Earn a relevant degree or certification in your chosen medical profession. Many jobs require at minimum an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree related to healthcare, if not more advanced degrees. Stay on top of evolving licensing and credentialing requirements for medical roles.
  • Develop technological skills and get comfortable with new innovations. Telehealth, electronic records, data analytics, robotic assistants and more are transforming healthcare. Experience with these can make you stand out.
  • Consider healthcare administration. With complex regulations, systems and billing procedures, capable leadership is essential for providers to deliver quality, affordable care.
  • Gain hands-on experience. Clinical hours, internships, volunteer work or entry-level jobs can help you apply classroom learning while networking.
  • Research growth areas and trends. Genetics, data science, geriatrics, alternative medicine and more are expanding specialties to explore.
  • Tend to finances and self-care. Education and training can be lengthy and intense. Make plans for managing student debt, building emergency savings, and prioritizing mental and physical health.

With proper diligence, passion and a service-focused mindset, preparing for an enriching medical career in today’s landscape can help you make a meaningful difference in 2024 and beyond. Reach out to healthcare workers, educators and financial advisors to help guide your path.

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So there you have it – a roundup of some of the most promising medical jobs to keep on your radar in the coming years. With the healthcare field continuing to expand, there should be no shortage of opportunities if you’re willing to put in the training and education required. And the nice part is, there are roles suited to different interests and skill sets – from hands-on patient care to research and tech. Hopefully this gives you some ideas if you’ve been thinking about a career change or are just setting out. With so many aging Baby Boomers needing services, your help is sure to be in demand. Just do your homework about the work environment, job outlook, and education pathways so you go in fully informed. Here’s to finding fulfilling medical work in 2024 and beyond!

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