Westlake Financial Auto Loans: 2024 Review

By | March 18, 2024

Westlake Financial Auto Loans: You’re thinking about buying a car but need to finance it. You have a lot of options when it comes to auto loans, but you’ve heard some good things about Westlake Financial and are curious to learn more. Stick around as we dive into this 2024 review of Westlake Financial auto loans. In an easy-to-understand and straightforward way, we’ll explore the pros and cons of getting a car loan from them. You’ll learn key info like interest rates, fees, loan terms, and customer service. We’ll also compare Westlake to other top lenders. By the end, you’ll know if a Westlake Financial auto loan is right for you in 2024 when looking to finance your next set of wheels.

Westlake Financial Auto Loans

Overview of Westlake Financial Auto Loans

Westlake Financial is one of the largest auto lenders in the US, specializing in financing used cars. If you’re shopping for an auto loan in 2024, here’s an overview of what you need to know.


Westlake offers financing for newer-model used cars, typically within 8 years of the model year. They do not finance classic cars or vehicles over 10 years old. Their minimum loan amount is $7,500, making them ideal for more expensive used models.

  • Loan terms range from 24 to 72 months. The longer the term, the lower your monthly payment but the more interest you’ll pay over time. Choose wisely.
  • Interest rates currently range from 9.99% to 29.99% APR, depending on your credit, income and other eligibility factors. Be sure to ask about current rates and any special offers.
  • No down payment is required in most cases. However, you’ll get a lower rate with 10-20% down.

If you want to get a ballpark idea if you’ll qualify, use their online prequalification form. It only takes 2 minutes and won’t impact your credit score. This can give you an estimate on the rate and loan amount you may be approved for.

Once prequalified, you can submit a full application online or at one of over 250 dealer locations nationwide. The application process is quick, with response in under 2 hours in most cases.


Be prepared to provide information on:

  • Income – Pay stubs or bank statements
  • Residency – Utility bill with your name/address
  • Down payment amount, if you have one
  • Vehicle you wish to purchase

With speedy approvals and financing for newer used models, Westlake Financial offers a solid loan option for many shoppers’ needs. Check to see if they are a good match for your auto purchase.

Westlake Financial Loan Options in 2024

When it comes to getting an auto loan in 2024, Westlake Financial offers borrowers multiple options to fit different budgets and credit situations.

New and Used Auto Loans

  • Westlake provides loans for both new and used vehicle purchases from auto dealerships. Loan terms up to 72 months are available depending on the age, mileage and price of the vehicle.
  • Down payments generally start at $1,500 or more. Specific loan terms depend on your credit history and debt-to-income ratio.
  • Westlake allows co-borrowers on auto loans, which can help applicants with limited credit histories get approved. Adding a co-signer with good credit is another possibility.

Refinancing Existing Auto Loans

  • If you already have a car loan with another lender, Westlake may be able to help you refinance it and lower your interest rate or monthly payments.
  • To qualify for a refinance, you’ll need to meet Westlake’s credit score and debt-to-income requirements. Bringing in a co-borrower is also an option if you don’t meet them on your own.
  • Refinancing could allow you to remove gap insurance, extended warranties, or early payoff penalties from your existing loan. This frees up more money to put towards paying off principal.

Check with a Westlake loan officer to discuss these options and determine if you may benefit from refinancing your current auto loan. They can provide quotes and exact terms tailored to your situation.

Applying for a Westlake Financial Auto Loan

Applying for an auto loan from Westlake Financial is an easy way to get great rates on financing a vehicle purchase. The process can be completed in minutes from the comfort of your home or mobile device.

  • First, you will need to gather some basic information to start your application, such as your personal details, employment and income information, the amount you would like to borrow, and the vehicle you intend to purchase. Having the VIN number of the vehicle handy can be useful as well.
  • You can then choose the best rate and loan term for your needs. Westlake offers flexible loan terms spanning 12 to 84 months, and competitive fixed interest rates from 3.99%. You may be able to save even more with features like automatic payment deductions.
  • Next, you will need to e-sign the application documents. Westlake uses secure electronic signature technology so you can review and sign your loan agreement from anywhere.
  • Once your application is submitted, you will typically receive a decision within minutes. Westlake uses a soft credit check process that won’t negatively impact your score. If approved, you can then head to the dealership and complete your purchase.
  • After purchasing the vehicle, all that’s left is to submit your final paperwork to Westlake Financial. This will confirm the details of your loan and activate your account. You can then make payments conveniently through Westlake’s website or app.

Applying with Westlake Financial is fast and simple. Their online tools and rate match guarantee help ensure you can secure competitive financing on your next vehicle. Reach out to their lending specialists for any questions on getting started.

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So there you have it, folks. Westlake Financial’s auto loans in 2024 still pack quite the punch even with rising interest rates and economic uncertainty. Sure, their rates aren’t the absolute lowest, but the flexibility, incentives and sheer convenience keep them competitive. At the end of the day, an auto loan is still debt – make sure you crunch those numbers before diving in. But if you need wheels and have a steady income, Westlake likely has an option that can work for you. Drive safe and happy hunting!

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